TechSupport Knowledge Base

Here’s what students and employees need to know about configuring and troubleshooting technology.

Requesting Tech Support

It is highly recommended that an individual request is made for each distinct type of service requested to ensure all needs are promptly and effectively addressed. For example, if a requestor is having issues with both their PC powering on and would also like to request access to a shared folder. To get both issues quickly remediated, this should be submitted as 2 separate requests as there are different groups working on each issue.

- View IT Support Request Procedure
Change Management Requests – A Change Management request is defined as something out of the ordinary scope of IT requests for a department or user. In a request for any of the following, a justified request must be sent from the department head (director or above) via email to

1. Software Access – Colleague access, new application requests, application access.
2. Specialty email access ‐ Departmental mailbox; Distribution list;
3. Data Requests ‐ Departmental folders; Data restorations.
4. Hardware Requests ‐ Request for new workstation(s); peripheral(s); IT related accessories.

HR and Legal Requests – A Human Resources (HR) or Legal request is defined as a request containing confidential or restricted information from IT. Any requests that coincide with the below categories are required to be requested by the appropriate staff members within HR, legal or appointed UCNJ officers via email to If the request is extremely confidential (e.g. requestor does not want more than a few people aware of the situation) The request will be sent directly to the CIO or Director to ensure confidentiality is maintained.
- Legal Requests – OPRA requests, EDiscovery.
- HR Requests ‐ Addition and termination of employee accts, Access to another users’ directory or email.


Canvas is a learning management system that the college utilizes to provide students with online instruction.

Cengage Book Subcription
The College has partnered with Cengage to provide affordable course materials via a digital book subscription.

Access College Outlook Webmail
Email accounts are provided to UCNJ students, staff, and faculty. The Outlook Email App can be accessed via myUnion.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft 365 products include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, among other others. Microsoft 365 Apps can be accessed by logging into myUnion.

Free Microsoft Apps Download Instructions
- Microsoft Office 365 Free Installation
The link provides instructions for installing the Office 365 Suite guide on your home computer.

Student Printing with PaperCut
The UCNJ PaperCut Printing Program allows students to release printed documents via either a computer terminal next to the on-campus printer, or via their smart phone.

Self-Service is a learning management system that allows students to quickly access a variety of online services. Self Service can be accessed by clicking on the “Self-Service” app via myUnion.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
The UCNJ Virtual Desktop will allow you to access college software as if you were on campus. Powered by VMWare Horizon, you will be able to connect to this desktop with your browser or using the horizon client; supported in Window 10, Mac, and some Linux distributions.

Cisco's "Webex" application provides instant messaging and video conferencing capabilities to UCNJ faculty, staff, and students.

How to connect to ""
UCNJ students, faculty, can connect to the College's wifi network. Here's how you connect your laptop or mobile device.

Employee Tech

Employee Remote Work Setup
UCNJ Employee Guide to preparing for remote work.

Employee Phones
UCNJ Employee Guides to using College phones.

Cisco Remote Classrooms
These resources are for UCNJ Employees utilizing Webex in the classroom.

VPN and Remote Desktop Access
Here’s how to connect to the college’s VPN Client and Access your Remote Desktop PC from off Campus.